Bestway Crocodile

Popping Fwoomped (Oversized) Crocodile Inflatable

Some rough bouncing and tight inflating of a crocodile who is missing their middle chamber. Inflating it tighter to make it nice to bounce on, shooting each other up in the air. Eventually, some tug of war happens with the crocodile.

Bestway Unicorn

BESTWAY Unicorn – Boucing, Jumping and Destruction

We cut out the middle chamber out of this inflatable Bestway Unicorn, and try to bounce and jump on it to get it to give up and pop. After it’s obvious we can’t (even after inflating it tighter), we rip off everything and end this unicorn to be destined for the bin. Get excited for more Pink Kangaroo action soon on this profile!


Bestway Clownfish Intex Puppy

INTEX Puppy, BESTWAY Clownfish – Destruction

Our small beginnings for the Pop(ping)Partners channel! In this video, we document the destruction of a common Intex Clownfish and a poor unlucky Intex Puppy. No part of either inflatables are safe. Pulling hard on the fins and ears, ripping off a tail, sitting and destroying the tail. Since this is the first video, we’d love to hear from you! What would you like to see, and if you want to send us something to destroy, don’t hesitate to contact us.